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Store terms and some information

BRICKSTORE HOLLAND is registered at the Chamber of Commerce  with registration number 77416848.

Parts marked as new come from sealed sets or Pick-a-Brick, meaning they are only handled for sorting, counting, storing and shipping. Parts marked as used are in good condition, but might have some scratches or minor discoloration.


Privacy Statement

BRICKSTORE HOLLAND receives personal information (name, address, emailaddress and sometimes phone number) of a buyer from Brickowl to fulfill the contract between BRICKSTORE HOLLAND and a buyer. This information is on our email-server for at most sixteen months, unless we are legally required to store data longer.

Data older than sixteen  months and not legally requiered to be stored any longer will be removed permanently. Data stored longer than sixteen months due to legal requirements, will be removed permanently after the ending of the legal requirement, which is a maximum of seven years in the Netherlands.

W do not use the provided information for any other purposes than for furfilling your bricklink order, now or in the future. Name, address, emailaddress and phone number might be shared with the postal services (DHL, PostNL) for delivery of your order. Your personal information will not be stored in any addressbook service provided by any of those postal services. If tracking is available for an order, the address of the buyer will be stored according to the courier's ToS to provide tracking information.



Payment should be done within 7 days of receiving the invoice. If there is any kind of delay in paying, please let me know. If 7 days have passed after sending the invoice and I have not received any payment or any communication about the payment, I will start a NPB (Non Paying Buyer Alert).


Problems with your order

If there is something wrong with your order, BRICKSTORE HOLLAND will do anything that is within reason to resolve the problem:

  • Lost shipment (after a reasonable time ): If possible (and items in are in stock) we will reship the order normally within 7 days after notification by buyer. In case we don't have the replacement parts in stock a refund is issued for the ordered amount  + shipping costs.
  • Parts damaged during shipment: we will ship replacement parts normally within 7 days after notification by buyer and pictures of the damaged parts are send to us. In case we don’t have the replacement parts in stock a refund is issued for the value of the damaged parts.
  • Parts short in package: we  will ship the parts normally within 2 days after notification by buyer. In the rare casewe don't have the parts in stock a refund is issued for the value of the missing parts.


We charge 1 euro handling and packing  costs on each order no exceptions it’s to cover cost for packing material, Paypal, Stripe and time on small orders it's added automatic to the shippingcosts.Last Updated: 1 Oct 2021